Energia Plus

Client: Menarini

Date: 08/05/2016


“Cuando vamos a bailar?” that’s the invitation, which is accompanied by a friendly dance step, that a young guy makes to a colleague in his office. The girl looks tired and answers him that she is just not up to it these days because she feels “out of energy”. So he recommends Sustenium Plus, the energising food supplement from Menarini, which gives a “shock” of energy and helps you get back in shape and get active.
It is also confirmed by the product demo, based on a powerful image of an electric plug with energy running through it and which brings creatine, arginine, beta-alanine with the addition of vitamins and mineral salts. And finally it is also confirmed by the charge of energy that sees the protagonist dancing wildly in a disco at the end of the ad. So wildly that he has to underline with a shot of witty warmth “But.. you give me a shock!!!!”
While the two protagonists dance away happily inside the symbolic-electric plug, the claim concludes “Sustenium Plus. Energia Plus”.

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