In the family

Client: Menarini

Date: 06/03/2016


The objective of the launch campaign for the new food supplement Sustenium i Colori della Salute, developed thanks to Menarini’s pharmaceutical expertise is to remember the recommendations of authoritative bodies such as the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health about eating 5 portions of fruit and veg of 5 colours every day. At the same time it aims to inform people that if you are really not able to always eat them, then you can supplement your diet with Sustenium I Colori della Salute Mix 5.

A young mother organises a fun game in her kitchen involving her husband and two kids to help them get used to the habit of eating five colours of fruit and veg every day. At her “Ready, steady, go!” each of them puts a piece of fruit or veg of five different colours in a big tray divided into five sections. The game finishes with the kids calling out a light-hearted “five” when the tray has been filled with the five colours of health.

The final image shows a glass beaker half-full with the five layers of fruit and veg and the in other half the supplement dissolved in water recalling the expert nutritional advice while repeating that “if you can’t manage to always eat them, then supplement them by drinking them”.

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