Piccole pesti

Client: Sammontana

Date: 21/05/2014


"Piccole Pesti" campaign tells about the mischiefs of four young protagonists that would do anything to taste the great Sammontana ice creams. Two short tv commercials, using the notes of the famous jingle "Gelati all'italiana" for the product Donny, the 2014 new entry, a funny doughnut made of ice cream, and for the well known simple and genuine Steccoblocco ice cream, made with fresh milk covered with milk chocolate. These are two amusing, gluttonous and cheerful Tv commercials able to get a smile even out of adults and created to strengthen the positioning of children’s products in the snack segment by underlining their benefits of unique taste and amusement. Because Sammontana ice creams are simply good, they have a "round - round taste" and above all they "are mine, only mine". And anyone who tries to steal them will be in trouble...

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