Show your soft attitude

Client: Peuterey

Date: 09/04/2020


The new campaign for the Spring Summer 2020 collection managed by Armando Testa is online.

The Peuterey capsule collection has been launched to complete their Spring / Summer 2020 proposal, but no one could have ever imagined that this launch would have been so different from all the previous ones.

Despite the delicate situation linked to the coronavirus, the brand was able to react quickly and together with Armando Testa they developed a campaign that could come as close as possible to the new daily routines all Italians are facing during this hard period, while maintaining a positive and encouraging tone.

The Soft Attitude is a collection that was created to make boundaries between formal and casual less clear-cut, bringing the comfort and technicality of sportswear closer to the style of a minimal and elegant design, with garments that let the wearer experience a new soft attitude.

And this new attitude is the key to the whole communication project developed for the launch of this collection: we’ve all found ourselves facing new limitations, we’ve been forced to reinterpret our daily lives, and with the message Show Your Soft Attitude we want to invite everyone to face our new day by daywith a positive outlook and with the right dose of lightness.

There’s also innovation in the visual output, the photograph shots are enhanced with illustrations by Fernando Cobelo. With his soft, visionary approach he uses the garments of the collection to draw around a new man and a new woman for us. The settings are not simple walls of houses, but fantastic worlds that replace other locations and photo sets.

With Armando Testa Peuterey communicates a direct and proactive message: show your strength, show your Soft Attitude.