Chiara Maci web pills

Client: Ponti

Date: 12/12/2012


Together with Ponti, in spring 2012 we developed the facebook page called "Cuoco di Fulmine, tutto il bello della cucina pronti e via" which roughly translates as "Chef at first sight, all the beauty of the ready, steady, go cooking". A page packed full of ideas for easy, fast and appetizing cooking. Suggestions for creating new recipes fronted by a young talent Chiara Maci. Food blogger and today one of the most appreciated experts of Italian cooking, Chiara said yes, and the web episodes "Tutti cotti per te, ricette da perdere la testa" (All "cooked" - in love - with you, recipes that makes you lose your head") were born. The community grew steadily and thanks to the constant activity in sharing of recipes, the art of being a host and creativity in presenting the food and decorating the table, one year from the launch, with more than 40.000 fans, the challenge "Tutti cuochi per te" was launched. This social activity for Italian food bloggers consisted of an enrolment phase and a challenge which for the eight chosen participants culminated in two live web cooking sessions to be aired on the Ponti social channels with presented by Chiara Maci. 6 challenges every two weeks. An average of 90 recipes posted on the FB page for each challenge, more than 500 recipes in all. About 4,000 likes per challenge. 15,000 new fans in 60 days. The project was further enhanced by BuonaP! A Mobile App, for iOS and Android, simple but user-friendly when in the kitchen. A Ponti recipe book where you can check by product or by dish, and where you can store and add your favourite recipes, a notebook to add and tick off your shopping list and finally a timer and a tool for instant sharing. Bon appetit!