“Always follow your dreams”

Client: Barilla - Pan di Stelle

Date: 15/09/2019


“The creamiest dream has come true” that’s how the new ad for the latest success story from the Pan di Stelle brand, created by Armando Testa, begins: the cocoa and hazelnut cream has become a real object of desire in 2019, and it makes its debut on air on 15 September with large-scale planning on TV and the web.

Pan di Stelle continues to confirm its status as a brand in continuous evolution; with ever more diversified communication needs, from sustainability to the launch of new products. And as always this challenge has been entrusted to Armando Testa, which has handled the brand’s communication projects for years.

How can you describe extraordinary goodness? A full visual immersion into the product, so much that we can even smell its aroma. 100% Italian hazelnuts plunging into the Pan di Stelle cocoa, and then … magic! With the delicate biscuit crumbs the soft swirls of cream get their unique consistency, for a sensation and taste never tried before. With vital reassurance: no palm oil.

One Sunday morning, a mother and her little girl are stretched out on a bouncy bed, they are enjoying a really special waking up: a delicious creamy star spread on bread. “Always follow your dreams ” is the byline of all Pan di Stelle communication, and the cream that everyone dreamed of, is now a reality.