Client: Melegatti

Date: 01/12/2019


Melegatti is back on TV with a multi-subject advertising campaign focused on its inimitable Original Pandoro, symbol of the Christmas tradition.
The new campaign keeps the Christmas codes, popular to all the Italians, but breaks the storytelling through unusual characters: the gift packages. They are the ones who tell what happens during the traditional Christmas dinner and they are the ones who comment on the arrival of the real protagonist: the Pandoro Melegatti.

The whole family is gathered at the table around the Pandoro, with joy and happiness. But someone is restless: in a corner of the room, near the decorated tree, the Christmas gifts are ready to be exchanged, unwrapped. However, nobody seems to consider them, because on the table it's time for Pandoro Melegatti, the Charming Prince of Christmas. When he is there, all the other symbols of Christmas are left to wait.
In fact, the gifts complain they are ignored and comment with a little envy, but sincere admiration, the qualities of who is taking the stage with dialogues that reflect the features of the Pandoro itself.

The Original Pandoro Melegatti, in its iconic blue packaging, still remains inimitable for taste and softness, thanks to the quality of the raw materials and its renowned yeast, jealously guarded and refreshed since 1894.

On air from 1st to 21st of December.

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