Client: MediaWorld

Date: 04/05/2020


MediaWorld, leader in the distribution of electronic goods, is reopening all its points of sale throughout Italy from Monday to Saturday.

The reopening will occur with maximum safety, fully respecting the norms in place, which have already been applied, tried and tested with workers and clients in some selected sales outlets in Italy, which have been open for two weeks.

In addition to all the precautions to prevent infection, various other measures are also planned, including limiting the number of people entering the stores at any time in order to reduce the risk of gatherings, indications and ad hoc structures to ensure social distancing. Customers will be invited to always follow the instructions given by the staff while purchasing and cashless methods of payment will be encouraged.

“Protecting the health of our employees and our customers is at the heart of all MediaWorld’s decisions, and this is an enormous responsibility, our top priority at this time. After almost 2 months of only online sales, we are happy to return to stand shoulder to shoulder with Italians in our sales outlets too in this restart phase, to ensure the best technologies, integrated solutions and expert advice to respond to all needs is available for everyone. Of course, in total safety. “ – comments Guido Monferrini, CEO of MediaWorld.

MediaWorld was the first company in the sector to decide to voluntarily close all its stores, and it has always kept the online store active, managing to satisfy a constant increase in customer requests. Online orders tripled in number in March and quadrupled in April compared to the previous year and this has partially mitigated the effects of closing stores.

The reopening of the network is at the centre of a new spot created by the Armando Testa agency, with the claim “è bello rivederci”, (“nice to see you again”), it celebrates the pleasure of meeting MediaWorld’s customers live again. The 15 ” spot has been on air on main television channels in different time slots since 4 May.

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