Made Just for Me

Client: MediaWorld

Date: 08/06/2019


As in life only a house becomes your nest, only a friend becomes your soul mate, also in technology there’s only a product made just for you.

From this idea we created the new MediaWorld campaign “Made Just for Me” that puts the customer and his needs at the center, to be always present in his life and always there with the right solution.

People have to think at MediaWorld as the perfect partner to find the correct technology solution they are looking for, even before considering brands, technicalities or prices.

To tell this new and satisfying customer-brand relationship, we replaced, in the campaign materials, all the technologic devices with the brand initials M and W.
The memorable and brand-owned visual synthesis has been matched with the sound
of “What a Wonderful World” in the rock version performed by Joey Ramone to remember anybody that, whatever they are looking for, Mediaworld has the right solution for them.

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