Client: Angelini

Date: 21/12/2014


We have been managing the communication of the Angelini Group's Moment analgesics  since their launch in 1986. Over the years, the range of analgesics has been extended with successful new products - along with the communication to the consumer this has contributed to the company's growth in a market where many big multinationals are active  to the point that it has now become market leader. 

The “Laboratory” ads help to explain that not all headaches are the same and Angelini offers quick-acting solutions for any type of headache because “great moments cannot wait”. In the enormous state-of-the-art labs of the Angelini group a presenter uses  oversize, grandiose crystal heads to emphasise the different types of headache, each with a specific solution: from  Moment for normal headaches, to MomentAct for more severe pain, and Momendol for cervical headaches.

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