Codice QR Bandiere

Client: Angelini

Date: 24/01/2016


The Angellini Group has launched an innovation which is exclusive to Moment: the first multi-lingual illustrative leaflet which can be accessed using your smartphone, with the QR code on the pack, to ensure that the drug is used correctly by the millions of foreigners in Italy. The communication plays on the items featured on the packaging: the tablet which flies full screen into the blue space leaving a bright trail behind it to symbolise its fast reaction, the name Moment and the QR code. One by one writing appears drawing attention to "Headaches?” in different languages (Italian, Spanish, French, English, German, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Hindu-Urdu and Portuguese) and the respective flags in sync with the corresponding male and female voices. Confirmation of the fact that Moment can offer a speedy response to headaches and the request for information from its Italian and foreign consumers.

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