Liquid Technology

Client: Angelini

Date: 03/04/2017


Momentact. Fast. Easy to swallow.
Momentact is the specific Angelini product to fight strong headaches. Using modern, innovative and symbolic language it emphasises how easy the chewable capsules are to swallow. In the film we see a full screen image of the Momentact's iconic red clamp, the symbol of a strong headache which crushes the writing “MAL DI TESTA FORTE”(STRONG HEADACHE). The film presents the liquid technology of Momentact as the solution, starting off with the technological contents of the capsule. A valuable little drop of the active principle is transformed in the Momentact capsule and with a symbolic journey in a pharmaceutical lab flask, we see how easy it is to swallow, how quickly it is absorbed and finally the clamp dissolves, how effective it is against headache. The liquid technology serves as a link to the nice final moment: a man kite-surfing on the waves, so happy to feel better again thanks to Momentact, “because great moments can't wait”.

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