Tecnologia micro

Client: Angelini

Date: 15/09/2019


How can Momenactcompì, a capsule which is as small and compact as this, act quickly against strong headaches? Because it is the result of the most advanced technological research from the Angelini Pharmaceutical Group. The creative idea is concentrated in only 20” and exploits a parallel between a tiny microchip which can concentrate millions of items of information and the small capsule that concentrates all the effectiveness of the liquid technology of Momenactcompì’s active principle.
A man’s fingers help to highlight the mini size of the capsule and they also make a connection with those featured on the packaging. The same fingers bring a capsule to the mouth of a man suffering from a strong headache, symbolized by the iconic red clamp gripping his temples. The drug quickly dissolves the clamp and the protagonist can once again enjoy the pleasure of an amusing scene at the cinema with his friends.
The ad closes with a packshot of Momentactcompì where the blue fingers come together to focus attention on the size of the capsule which is “so small and compact”.