Client: Fater

Date: 02/08/2017


Lines Specialist is communicating again with a new spot. An attractive woman in her 50s introduces the features of the product to us and following her friend’s advice, she decides to try it. We see her in flashbacks, first of all at the supermarket in front of the range as she chooses the right Lines Specialist for her and then at home as she seems puzzled as she looks at how thin the pads are and wonders if they will absorb. In view of the risk of embarrassing “accidents” she puts it to the test by pouring a glass of water on it. The liquid disappears and the pad remains dry. The test has eliminated all her doubts.
But absorbency is not the only quality of the product. And she is clearly satisfied as she emphasises this: “With Lines Specialist odour disappears!”
The protagonist is now obviously happy with her choice and with conviction concludes: “It’s thin, but so absorbent!!”
The ad closes with an invitation for a free trial of Lines Specialist and a packshot of some products in the range.