Because you’re not the only one,
but you are unique.

Client: Fater

Date: 24/01/2020


Lines Specialist returns to communication with a new film that aims to reassure women about how normal incontinence is, more common than you think and to present a new, technologically advanced product from the Lines Specialist line.
The protagonist is a beautiful woman of about 70 with short white hair. She looks straight into the camera and tells us honestly and directly that she experiences urine leaks, which are normal at her age. But as she is speaking, she begins to remove her make-up using a pad to reveal a completely unexpected surprise: the signs of age disappear from her face and, then taking off her wig in a fun way, we see that she has beautiful, youthful hair. The woman is much younger than 70, and she highlights that lots of women, of all ages, experience incontinence. Then we see the protagonist with other women of different ages, including a young mother.
Lines Specialist offers a range of products for every need and presents the new Pants which have great absorbency and remain thin even after hours. An elegant graphic demo shows us the stylized product. At the end we see the chorus of women all smiling and some products from the line. The claim "Lines Specialist, because you’re not the only one, but you are unique" sums up the affectionate close relationship Lines has with the many women of all ages who suffer from incontinence.