Against the tide

Client: Fater

Date: 25/05/2014


Lines Seta, the ultra-protection, and absolute market leader, undergoes a revolution to become even better, as it changes the rules about absorbency. The new Lines Seta Asciutto Continuo goes "against the tide" compared with all the other ultras and this is what it communicates in a symbolic and feminine way in the new launch ad. The star is a beautiful, smart and friendly woman and while walking along with a group of other women, she decides to change direction: just like Lines Seta Asciutto Continuo. The woman uses the support of 3D images to help assess the advantages and show the difference between the other ultras and the new Lines Seta. Indeed only the new Lines Seta, has the exclusive Active Layer technology that blocks the liquid far from the skin. After the demonstration the other women also decide to change direction and with a smile they turn to go along with the star on the new route of Asciutto Continuo.

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