Client: Fater

Date: 02/02/2014


After presenting the revolutionary innovation of Lactifless with the launch commercial "Fabbrica" (Factory), Lines è continues to innovate with their communication too. Their new ad is so bursting with high-fashion treatment that it is completely unexpected in the world of sanitary protection. A fabulous looking woman, immersed in the glamorous atmosphere of an elegant refined party expresses a wish, lots of women share: make some of the irritation she is experiencing from the things she is wearing disappear. For example, the irritation of her 12 cm heels. But while her high heels disappear only in her dreams, the star can announce that at long last she has discovered how to make the irritation of her sanitary protection disappear: she uses Lines è. Thanks to the super flexible Lactifless and the confidence of double absorbency protection that which "seemed impossible, now exists - è".

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