A Modo Mio - TV Promotion

Client: Lavazza

Date: 14/03/2014


Enrico Brignano is the star of the show "Il meglio d'Italia", 4 episodes in prime time on Rai1. Lavazza A Modo Mio is present on this occasion in a space in the show dedicated to a friendly "coffee corner". The most important feature of this operation is that it is not a classic television promotion; instead it is a real part of the show as the programme continues, (same characters, same wardrobe, same setting with the audience) and in this way the viewers pay greater attention to the coffee. Indeed, Enrico Brignano feels he needs to take a break during the show to have a good espresso, he then offers one to his partner, the stunning actress and presenter Liz Solari, and he uses the Lavazza A Modo Mio machine to prepare it as he continues to chat with her just like in the show. The theme of the programme is "Italian excellence", and in this way Lavazza coffee is fully entitled to its place there.

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