Inspiring Chefs

Client: Lavazza

Date: 24/10/2013


The 22nd edition of the famous Lavazza Calendar is particularly tasty. It takes the form of a photographic journey featuring outstanding chefs and haute cuisine. Have a look at the video of the project. The stars of the shots are 7 of the most important chefs on the Italian and international stage, 7 inspiring artists of taste who set the trends for fine dining the world over. Working with each one of them, we tried to identify their unique features, and then recount them through visually striking but also playful images, in line with Lavazza's photographic language. 7 amazing photographic situations were created, with masterly interpretation thanks to the talents of Martin Schoeller, renowned German-American photographer, who was previously assistant to Annie Leibovitz, and who has shot famous portraits of Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie, Clint Eastwood, to name just a few. One more stage in the artistic journey of the Lavazza Calendars, which, over the years, have featured photographers such as Newton, LaChapelle, Leibovitz, Olaf, Von Unwerth and many others, always with creative direction from Armando Testa.

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