Life is a trip, never travel alone

Client: Lancia

Date: 06/04/2014


Space, comfort, sharing. Lancia Voyager, the iconic people carrier, was created for people who love to travel and prefer to do so in style. For people who want to experience new emotions, and to share them with others. The new Voyager S, special series has a revised look for the model including new interiors and new details in the exterior, and it is more appealing for a younger metropolitan target, while still maintaining passion for long distances. The idea? It will be a journey which leads us through moments of life to show all the features of the product: how spacious it is, the capacity and flexibility of loading things, and the interior spaces where there's a place for everything, thanks to its exclusive Stow 'n Go system. 5 stories of life to describe the flexibility of the Voyager S: a group of businessmen who take advantage of the interior space to load their golf clubs, a couple at an art exhibition who can easily load the work of art they have bought, a group of models as they arrive at a fashion show, some jugglers going to a wood to rehearse their act, and then finally the joy of sharing the space with your own family, thanks to the DVD entertainment system which ensures entertainment for the kids. A journey as a life experience. Life as a journey. LIFE IS A TRIP, NEVER TRAVEL ALONE.