Infasil Intimate Wash

Personal Defence

Client: Angelini

Date: 24/11/2014


Infasil, the personal hygiene brand in the Angelini Group, is launching the new Infasil with Lymph n+ intimate wash for daily intimate protection. Angelini has chosen the modern, dynamic researcher, who created the exclusive Lymph n+ complex as the star of the ad to underline the authoritative science of the innovative technology behind the product. The new ad describes the defensive action against intimate irritations using the metaphor of female personal defence. Indeed, we see the protagonist in a bright modern gym, busy doing some kick-boxing training with her instructor. She knows the importance of “knowing how to defend yourself” and in her role as an Angelini researcher she shows us the reinforcing action of lymph n+ on weakened intimate defences which can increase 40%. The film ends with a fun gag between the star and her which culminates with an affectionate hug and signed off with the Infasil logo.