Infasil Deo Gamma 2C


Client: Angelini

Date: 09/05/2018


Infasil Deodorante
The more you sweat, the fresher you feel! Demonstrated live in the new ad created for the Infasil deodorant with 2C Molecule.
Some people are in a modern and technological Infasil lab, they are wearing sports gear and running on a treadmill equipped with a system to monitor freshness. An Infasil researcher illustrates the clinical test, by monitoring a woman running after she has applied the Infasil deodorant.
Thanks to the exclusive 2C Molecole, activated with sweat, we can observe on a graph that the more the woman sweats, the fresher she feels over time. The freshness is reactivated every time she sweats, as the test demonstrates and as we see her hugging her boyfriend in such a relaxed way as he meets her at the lab at the end of the test.

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