Frames of Life

Client: Giorgio Armani

Date: 30/04/2014


The new Giorgio Armani "Frames of Life" communication project is now on line. The Eyewear line embodies the intrinsic values of the brand and was created to be able to address a more cross-cutting target using more accessible language and a lifestyle approach, liberated from rigid dictates imposed by the fashion world. This year we have evolved the storytelling, a new way of narrating a story and explaining the beauty in every moment in life, seen through the eyes of the two protagonists from "The Encounter" episode. Moments from everyday life, the story of an unexpected encounter in an Eastern metropolis. A casual meeting between a man and a woman, love at first sight, awakening the desire for a further meeting: exchanging glances reflected in their respective lenses. The two protagonists will get lost and search for each other in the metropolis. A relationship which is shrouded in mystery, in the absence of any contact, searching for strong emotions. The campaign in elegant black and white, with its own cinematographic style, is developed for all media: from digital platform, to international press, to POS with window display materials. You can watch the short on the channel Youtube Armani and the campaign with exclusive contents and interactive functions on the Armani site framesoflife.