EA7 - The sense of Being app

Client: Giorgio Armani

Date: 06/06/2013


The Armani EA7 line is the outfitter of the Italian team for the Olympic Games in London, and Armando Testa has been entrusted with the international communication project.The collection is conceived as a complete expression of the person: committed to the ethics of hard work, sacrifice and method to achieve maximum results. The launch campaign is developed around this idea with the concept "The sense of being", to be understood in the deepest and most intense way. It thus becomes the manifesto of Olympic sporting values, dedication, sacrifice, self-denial, loyalty and team spirit. Because taking part is more important than winning and to take part it is necessary to give your all, bringing all your personal values into play. The most representative athletes from different disciplines, captured in moments of maximum competitive effort are the perfect testimonials for this operation. The shots underline the legendary nature of sport and the setting is iconic black and white. A location designed like the shape of the number 7 marries perfectly together the two souls of the brand: sport and style.The communication project embraces all media, as well as the press and there is a multi-subject outdoor campaign entrusted to the talents of the American photographer Richard Phibbs and a film directed by the Frenchman Paul Mignot. The campaign is complemented with a video-manifesto, a site enhanced with endorsements from the athletes,an app and different activities around the city of London.

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