Fiat Tipo

Client: Fiat

Date: 10/05/2016


NEW FIAT TIPO 5 DOORS: at this price, you’ll feel like you’ve made the steal of the century.

The new Tipo 5-doors is a car which surprises due to the plentiful and comprehensive standard equipment, but even more for the price.

The concept behind the spot is this: New Tipo offers so much but asks for so little that it will feel like you’ve stolen it. In the spot, a group of four friends are driving along in the new Tipo 5 doors. A voiceover tells us all everything to do with this trip. Suddenly a policeman appears on a motorbike and the guys expressions get worried. After a while, car and motorcycle are side by side at a traffic light. ?The boys are convinced they’re being chased and slide under the seats of their New Tipo while in the meantime, the intrigued officer looks inside the car but doesn’t see anyone and amazed, drives when the light turns green.?? The final claim removes all doubt and our protagonists emerge serene: "The new Tipo 5-doors offers you so much, at this price so you feel like you’ve made the heist of the century".