The most beautiful of the realm

Client: Fiat

Date: 24/06/2012


NEW FIAT BRAVO 2013. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OF THE REALM. The Fiat Bravo is reborn and is even more beautiful. To give it proper emphasis, the car's launch is associated with the release of the movie "Snow White and the Hunter", an exceptional cast, starring Charlize Theron and directed by Rupert Sanders. The TV spot appears as a real cinematic trailer associating key images of the film with parallels to the car: the leitmotiv of the white and red color is taken on the bodywork of the Fiat Bravo and the white horse moving through the woods, alternating with the images of the car, symbolizing the power of the engines. This operation lets you ride the eco media that is being built around the film's launch, creating various coordinated communications materials for the dealerships and digital developments, also internationally (Spain, Germany and UK).

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