Best wishes for the year to come

Client: Fiat

Date: 31/12/2014


Fiat is giving Italy a tangible sign of recovery and renewal to show that the crisis is coming to an end.
And we can make it end if we put into action the  areas in which Italy has always excelled: creativity, desire for recovery, the search for beauty and substance.
This is the thought behind the new Fiat movie:  Italians themselves, those interviewed on the news portraying the situation as critical, but seeing it differently by reinterpreting the words of the famous song “The coming year” by Lucio Dalla a key to the new, hope, transformation.
In his song the singer-songwriter tells us that “the year that is coming will bring a transformation and everyone is already waiting.” Fiat closes by inviting everyone to see the 500X and that the revival of the factory in Melfi is the real news of 2015, looking to the future with more optimism.

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