Lines Specialist

Client: Fater

Date: 06/03/2016


Iincontinence isn’t a problem any more: that’s what the launch campaign for Lines Specialist - the new line of incontinence protection - says. It is not a problem any more because as well as their well-known first class expertise in absorbency Lines has now added their great skill in developing specially designed products to suit all needs.

A series of “models” made out of crystal use the typical moves of the fashion runway to demonstrate the range of products and models and their elegant discretion. The demo which follows helps to explain their effective advantages in terms of absorbency and protection from odours. Such a bold introductory campaign showing this relaxed confidence is then developed in different live action situations in which Lines Specialist prevents incontinence you from taking your place in the gym, or at the theatre and in lots of other occasions during an active social life.