FAI Fondo Ambiente Italiano

Autumn days

Client: FAI Fondo Ambiente Italiano

Date: 03/10/2019


The new campaign for Giornate FAI d’Autunno(FAI Autumn days) created by Armando Testa has been online on the web and social networks since October.

FAI has been committed to defending Italian artistic heritage for more than 40 years,

enabling Italians to enjoy the beauties of our country which are so often neglected.

FAI’s is a true mission to reaffirm that our cultural heritage should not just be passively conserved, but experienced and integrated into our every day needs.

Armando Testa was happy to contribute to this philosophy since they are also activated by the same strong desire to cultivate the value of beauty and preserve it for future generations.

The idea for the film came from contemplating this, and collective awareness. “If you don’t do anything, there’ll be nothing left”.

What would happen if none of us did anything to safeguard our artistic heritage? How could our concept of a “work of art” change?

Luckily FAI continues to promote and safeguard our masterpieces, and to prevent the potential scenarios shown in an ironic way in the video, actually coming true.

The ad shows some of FAI’s most iconic properties which are open to the public in order to promote the Le Giornate d’Autunno, (Autumn Days).

A sequence of masterpieces which remind us that if beauty can save the world, then we too can play our part to save beauty.

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