Video diary

Client: Esselunga

Date: 10/03/2021


Esselunga and Armando Testa describe a year of lockdown with a “video – diary” made on smartphones

It’s exactly a year since the beginning of the Covid emergency, and in a powerful and intense “docu-real” Essenlunga describes the emotions, fears and hopes of people who work in the Italian Food Company every day.

The documentary was created using the real-life unfiltered accounts filmed on smartphones of those who faced the Covid emergency with amazing dedication, passion and professionalism to stand side by side with their customers day after day throughout this extremely difficult year.

This innovative branded content was developed thanks to the collaboration between Esselunga and the Armando Testa group. It was produced by Little Bull Studios and shows an extremely realistic cross section of the year we’ve just been through. From the endless queues to smart innovative solutions, from empty shelves to donations to hospitals and the Red Cross, from the emotions of the staff to the sincere gratitude of the customers. Esselunga retraces the last 12 months by sending out a message of hope.

This documentary is permeated from start to finish by the vision and values of Esselunga and above all by a strong sense of belonging from everyone who works there every day, feeling part of a team…. indeed, more than that, part of a big family.

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