Christmas fairytale

Client: Esselunga

Date: 24/01/2019


For Esselunga, Christmas is always special and this year they have brought this feeling to television with the big "A million prizes for you" promotion.
The commercial brings us all, young and old, into a real fairytale, an enchanted world where everything is possible.
The supermarket comes to life from a book of fairy tales, it has magical powers that can transform all things: food into goodness, wishes into reality and expenses into gifts. Not a hundred, not even a thousand but "a million" gifts.
Esselunga, who for more than 60 years has been serving its customers with care and attention, airs the animated commercial, bringing its message through a big pop-up book and Santa Claus' voice. They offer an incredible but true promotion , which takes us go back in time, when we were excited to receive a surprise.
At the end you can say that everyone "won happily ever after"!

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