Emma Marrone

It’s time to take a step forward

Client: Fater

Date: 03/11/2020




“You’re a woman, do you think you can understand?!”, “Either have kids or get a job.”, “Are you having a hormone crisis?”, are some of the things that women hear every day.

Clichés that belong to an outdated past but which still re-echo in modern society.

It’s time to take a step forward and not just with words.

This the new mission of Lines, the women’s brand for women, which has been committed to fighting stereotypes and gender discrimination for some time, they are communicating again and taking a stance as a true leader.

But this is communication came about because of concrete actions: from enhancing the position of women within the workplace, to the creation of a culture of inclusion in schools, also including the recent partnership with WeWorld, the NGO that promotes women’s rights and equal economic, social and educational opportunities.

“It’s time to take a step forward” is more than just a slogan: it is a long-term project, on-going commitment, a call to take inclusive action for women and men throughout Italy.

The launch campaign, managed by the Armando Testa agency, is reinforced by an exceptional ambassador, who embodies the very values ??being fought for: Emma Marrone, a brave and sensitive woman, who has always believed in herself, bypassing any judgment from other people.

An artist who knows how to reach people’s hearts in a frank and sincere way.

Emma enthusiastically agreed to become the voice for all women and to launch her own personal “Enough of gender stereotypes”.

In the ad, shot by Francesco Calabrese for Think Cattleya, Emma is in an undefined setting, she is walking along with other women, and then she comes across some mirrors with stereotypical sentences written on them, as cutting as blades, and they stop her from seeing her reflection. This is a symbol of what happens to all women who can’t see themselves and who are not seen for what they are because their image is viewed through the filter of clichés and prejudice.

The film revolves around the position taken by Emma as she says enough of stereotypes to the notes of her song, “Amami”. Then like a modern inclusive leader, she is at the head of a proud female march urging society to take a step forward because the time has come.

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