Mago Melino

Client: Esselunga

Date: 09/01/2012


Esselunga created the first official App for the iPhone, iPad, smartphone and Android tablet. The app stands out because it includes ones of the most famous images of the ATL campaign, Mago Melino (The Magician Merlin being a play on words from the italian "mela", apple). It can be downloaded free of charge from App Store and Android Market. One of the real innovations of the app is the promotions section: as well as the classic function of being able to view the flyers, upgraded for mobile devices, you can navigate through the shopping aisles and see all items on special offer. It is also possible to filter by promotional category or make a direct search for the products which interest you. Using the Store Locator you can find your nearest store. The details of each store show the opening hours and any special extended hours, the departments and services in each point of sale. Thanks to the updates system, users can request timely information about the promotions they are most interested in. The total number of points on each Fìdaty Loyalty card is always kept up to date with the Esselunga App. The project was developed and integrated by the Esselunga IT management in cooperation with Reply and Bitmama.

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