Client: Cuki Cofresco

Date: 13/05/2020


The new communication by Armando Testa for Domopak Spazzy garbage bags made 100% from post-consumer plastic is on air these days.

The campaign was created in 3D by the Little Bull studios and revolves around two hyperbolic metamorphoses, which describe in a very effective way, in just 15 ” that the ecological garbage bags are recycled from post-consumption, and they are also super-resistant.

In the spot, we see a friendly caterpillar made from a used plastic bag, which is transformed into a new butterfly-shaped bag, it takes flight and then is transformed again into another rhino-shaped bag to emphasise just how resistant it is.

The campaign has been developed ad hoc on social channels and is supported by ongoing editorial planning which maintains the same graphics and treatment, but gives greater information about the technological and sustainability features of the garbage bags.