Zero Alcohol - Viral

Client: Heineken Italia - Moretti - Dreher

Date: 10/04/2014


For the launch of the new Dreher Radler Zero Alcohol and following the great success of the campaign in 2013 "E' tempo di limonare" (it's time to lemon up), we proposed a fun web initiative. Along the lines of the"First Kiss" web video which won millions of hearts and views, where strangers timidly kissed for the first time, we've developed a Dreher viral version in which the first kiss, on the other hand, is extremely passionate and leaves no room for shyness. Because for us and for those who drink Dreher Radler Zero "it's always time to lemon up" (where lemon up means also kissing in Italy). In just 5 days the video has generated more than 3 million impressions on Facebook, it has been clicked on more than 800,000 times and has had more than 20,000 likes. Kissing is clearly a success with the Italian public. Powered by Testa Digital Hub.

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