It's time for enjoyment!

Client: Heineken Italia - Moretti - Dreher

Date: 14/06/2015


The campaign celebrates everyone who knows how to enjoy playing the part of a hero, the style of language is bubbly and irreverent typical of Dreher: a “macaroni” English to label a range of joyful moments.
In this way the die-hards of the mid-week friendly kick around among friends become THE CALCETTORS; those who get home from work and flop onto the sofa are THE STRAVACCHERS; the guys in charge of the barbecue THE GRIGLIERS, the steady DIY fans THE FAIDATERS; those determined to get a tan on the beach THE SDRAIERS.
Everything is brought together with the usual smile typical of the brand, a cool blues tune and the claim: “Dresher. È il momento di goder!” (Dreher. It’s time for enjoyment)
The radio ad also celebrates these categories and adds some others, as does the social and idea becomes even more contagious thanks to the local sampling tours.