Time to change dishes!

Client: Cuki Cofresco

Date: 29/03/2021


“Time to change dishes!” Cuki launches their new aluminium plates on TV with Armando Testa.

A new TV campaign “It’s time to change plates!” has been created by Armando Testa to publicise an innovation in the world of disposable dishes – Cuki’s new aluminium plates. It focuses on how resistant and environmentally sustainable the new aluminium plates are.

The campaign airs from 28/3, with commercials in special positions, covering slots and programmes related to the communication target, paying particular attention to the central age groups (35-54 years). Planning by Media Italia and produced by Little Bull Studios.

On the topic of sustainability, even Slow Food has chosen Cuki because aluminium is a material that can be recycled an infinite number of times.

The launch of Cuki’s new line of aluminium plates is an important change in the world of disposable dishes: resistant, sustainable, recyclable, suitable for hot food or liquids foods – these are just some of the advantages.

In addition, aluminium is a safe and excellent material for storing and consuming food.

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