Win with the Minions

Client: Chiquita

Date: 07/09/2015


BA NA NA!!! That’s the sweet obsession of the loveable Minions, with their record takings at the cinema box office. And what better banana better than Chiquita could have been chosen by our heroes, real experts when it comes to bananas? The release of the new blockbuster from UNIVERSAL has broken box office records, taking more than one billion dollars globally. At the same time Chiquita has launched a comprehensive plan of activities to celebrate the natural union between the delightful Minions and the most loved 10 e lode banana in Italy. We have developed an ad to publicise the contest “Win with the Minions!” running on TV, the web and cinema, as well as point of sales materials and the Minions will also be featured smiling with their blue-stickered banana in static and dynamic outdoor ads in a number of Italian cities from the end of September.

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