Le Regionali

Client: Heineken Italia - Moretti - Dreher

Date: 10/04/2016


“Our journey continues in search of new masterpieces just waiting to be savoured.”

The ingredients might have changed but the magic remains the same. A new journey through inspirational Italian landscapes gets underway for the launch of two new references “Alla Pugliese” and “Alla Lucana” from Birra Moretti Le Regionali.

So, accompanied by the splendid, warm voice of Baffo (with masterly interpretation from Orso Maria Guerrini), we are enthralled when we envisage the magnificent sun of the prickly pears from Apulia, and as a cascade of bay leaves and hops reveals the recipe of the of the “Alla Lucana”.

The second chapter in the Birra Moretti Le Regionali ad retains the same flavour of the ad launching the range, combining perfectly with the ingredients and the unique personality of the new recipes.