Le Regionali

Client: Heineken Italia - Moretti - Dreher

Date: 20/05/2015


“We are surrounded by millions of masterpieces. In all the genuine ingredients the land offers.  In the unique character of each region. They are everywhere. Just waiting to be savoured. Birra Moretti Le Regionali. Da terre uniche.”  (Birra Moretti Le Regionali. From unique lands).
The message in the spot to launch  the new range Birra Moretti Le Regionali is clear and goes right to the heart.
The film is a journey to discover  all that is excellent and all the masterpieces of our lands, a 3D journey of amazing authenticity.
The unmistakable voice of  Baffo Moretti or in truth Orso Maria Guerrini guides us through the ad.
The specially composed music makes the ingredients dance until they meet up in the sweetest harmony of a hilly landscape, to then be blended together in the unique taste that is the new Birra Moretti alla Piemontese