Amuchina Gel Xgerm

Is the disinfectant that protects you

Client: Angelini

Date: 26/04/2021


There’s a huge difference between sanitizing and disinfecting! The new Amuchina Gel Xgerm


Over the past year, we’ve learned how to put on our masks to cover our nose and mouth, how to maintain the correct social distancing and how to sneeze in the correct way.

But when it comes to our hands, not everyone knows that there’s a huge difference between sanitizing and disinfecting and that only a disinfectant really protects us against viruses!

Amuchina is a brand of Angelini Pharma, and leader in the field of disinfection, and it is communicating again with a campaign with a strong educational impact for Amuchina Gel Xgerm, a disinfectant for hands to help consumers protect themselves better and orient themselves in the crowded world of gels, because as the claim says: Amuchina Gel Xgerm is the disinfectant that protects you.

The spot features simple and engaging language, and helps us discover the right choices in terms of protection with a simulated real quiz where the X of Amuchina Gel Xgerm is precisely what shows us the correct answer.

Then a demo with a magnifying glass on two hands shows us the effect of a sanitizer that only partially removes viruses and bacteria, while Amuchina Gel Xgerm, which is a disinfectant, eliminates them up to 99.9%. Great reassurance!

The campaign has been on air since 25 April with a 30” TV ad and various digital, social and DOOH formats.