Amaro Montenegro

Pal Around - Friendship Calling

Client: Amaro Montenegro

Date: 30/10/2023



Among the stars of the 2nd edition, online on YouTube, will be the duo Christian Vieri and Marco Borriello. To 'lead' the program once again Alessandro Cattelan.

The pleasures of life? They are many and often different from person to person, but there is one that 3 out of 4 Italians agree on: 'sharing special moments with friends' . And what better place to do it than a bar counter? This is the set of the second edition of "Pal Around," available in 2 episodes on the proprietary channel of the YouTube platform: 

Created by the Armando Testa agency, Amaro Montenegro's unscripted format brings together celebrities to celebrate authentic friendship beyond the spotlight. Friends who, over cocktails made with Amaro Montenegro, give life to moments of sharing by retracing some of their professional and personal experiences. Among the protagonists of the new edition, led by Alessandro Cattelan again in the role of host, are Christian Vieri and Marco Borriello grappling with a spontaneous chat that ranges from soccer careers to locker room behind-the-scenes and sports passions beyond soccer.

A secret recipe faithful to the original; an iconic bottle resembling an ampoule, evocative of a "potion"; great versatility, making it perfect after meals (neat or on the rocks) and as an original ingredient in classic and innovative cocktails. All this is behind the success of Amaro Montenegro, which has entered the imagination of Italians as the Amaro dal Sapore Vero that aims to enhance one of the most sincere and authentic feelings: friendship.

"After the success of the Friendship Calling campaign we are back online with the new edition of Pal Around, once again recalling the values of friendship and conviviality that have always distinguished our brand. - comments Daniele De Angelis, Marketing Manager Core Brands - We do it through a fresh and contemporary language, involving famous people who hang out in real life, with the aim of bringing out the most authentic side of their friendship and personality beyond the stage."

"This format, on the surface very simple to make, has a big complexity: giving the stop and pull talent away from the bar once the set is over. - tell Jacopo Morini and Fabiano Pagliara, creative directors at Armando Testa - Even we are sorry, every time, to interrupt the reunion. The atmosphere is so informal and pleasant that the guests often forget they are in front of the cameras, showing the audience their truest and most spontaneous side. The same values that have always been present in Amaro Montenegro's DNA."