Amaro Montenegro


Client: Amaro Montenegro

Date: 23/10/2018


The new #Humanspirit campaign by Amaro Montenegro narrates the True Flavor of friendship and genuineness in the age of artificial intelligence.

The protagonists of the new TV ad are a group of friends, who are shown – in the initial scenes – admiring the remarkable feats of robots programmed to overcome the toughest challenges. In spite of all this sophisticated programming – as underlined by the campaign with a pinch of irony – there are things planned, instead, in the most human way possible: an evening together is a good example!

Indeed, we live our lives drenched in technology, but still know well how to recognize the value of things tasted simply with the heart.

“Human” by Rag’n’Bone Man was chosen as the soundtrack to the ad: it is an ode to mankind, its fragility, but also its unparalleled ability to live and feel emotions.