Amaro Montenegro


Client: Amaro Montenegro

Date: 29/04/2020


An idea in the spirit of “solidarietà digitale” (digital solidarity) inviting people to create Wi-Fi guest networks to support anyone who doesn’t have a reliable fast connection.

These days our everyday life has been completely turned upside down, and so Amaro Montenegro, the ambassador for sharing and Human Spirit, is proposing an initiative which is both social and at the same time socially aware, with the goal of bringing Italy together with a symbolic form of ” digital solidarity” created by Armando Testa.

Wanting to be convivial is finding new forms of expression today, even at a distance thanks to technology. We’re seeing multitudes of online aperitif dates, digital flash mobs and video chats. The brand is promoting a gesture of openness and sharing towards others to celebrate such positive energy, but also and above all to support those in Italy who still can’t rely on a stable and fast Wi-Fi connection, by making its own Wi-Fi network available, creating a “guest” Wi-Fi network with the goal of creating an immense “humanspirit” network, which will allow everyone to be ideally connected.

The Armando Testa agency has selected two outstanding testimonials for this initiative : Salvatore Aranzulla, the phenomenal digital “problem solver”, along with the spontaneous, friendly Frank Matano, are helping Amaro Montenegro to guide the general public step by step to configure their own Wi-Fi Ospiti network

At delicate times like these sharing our internet network is a small gesture which can help savour even more the desire of being together: and who better to send this message than Amaro Montenegro, who we all know as the iconic Amaro of authentic flavor.

Sharing our wi-fi will be just like making a virtual toast with the people who live around us!