Metro - Aunt

Client: Angelini

Date: 26/06/2011


Amuchina is a well-known brand of disinfectant products. Created for emergency situations or for use in hospitals, today it can satisfy many disinfection needs. In 2010 Angelini entrusted us with the communication with the objective of increasing brand presence in all segments with high potential for disinfection, starting off with Baby Care. We created two TV campaigns: one for the household line (just one film featured the three main Home care products: Concentrated, Washing additive, Trigger for surface cleaning) and the other one specifically for Hand Gel for use at home. In parallel we ran a press campaign targeted at mothers with a subject which summarises in just one image the presentation of the product and its benefit. Global income for the brand rose in one year by more than 20% with more than 80% points in the most dynamic segment.