Mito Junior

Client: Alfa Romeo

Date: 05/11/2014


It’s called Junior, but it isn't at all.

Rebellious spirit, rock soul and sports attitude: these are the features of the new special series Mito Jr, star of the new Alfa Romeo spot. A seemingly shy and insecure young girl and a mysterious fortune teller intent on reading her tarot cards: as the cards are revealed, the girl jumps to life each time, flashback or flash-forward to situations where she’s having fun with friends thanks to Mito junior.

Strength. Tower. Devil. Three cards that reveal the true character of this new special series.

The whole film is built on the strong contrast between the silence and suspension of the scenes with the fortune teller and the explosion of vitality and energy of those with the star - the car.

Fresh, positive, humorous language and energetic music are the ingredients that emphasize once again, the young, and of course rock personality of Mito Junior.