A&D Matt

Nourish your well-being

Client: A&D Matt Integratori

Date: 27/04/2021


Matt the seagull flies high

Nature, vitality, well-being: three peaks to reach with all the lightness of a seagull in flight. These are the values ??in the new Matt TV communication. This is a brand of the A&D group, the historical leader in Italy in the sector of food supplements, organic and functional foods as well as cosmetic products.

The star of the commercial is the unmistakable seagull Matt. We see him flying along passing through everyday scenes, sports, family life, work time and free time.

Whenever he passes, everyone seems to achieve well-being, both physical and mental and they express it with a liberating gesture: spreading their arms wide open, just like the seagull that spreads his wide wings in the blue sky as he flies higher and higher.

Opening out his wings is like giving a big hug to life. The gesture is also a symbol of optimism and determination, to continue, today more than ever, looking forward to our future well-being with confidence.

The seagull ends his flight with the payoff «Matt. Nourish your well-being » and an overview of the full line-up of Matt supplements. A perfect mix of herbal traditions and formulas with a high concentration of active ingredients, to help the body regain physical and mental well-being every day.