Match from the Heart

Client: Adisco

Date: 30/04/2009


The campaign to support the Partita del Cuore (Match from the Heart) in 2009 is part of a wider project to sustain Adisco, Associazione Italiana Donatrici Sangue Cordone Ombelicale, (Italian Association of Umbilical Cord Blood Donors) which promotes the culture of donating Umbilical Blood. The tangible commitment was to raise funds to establish a new ward in the Day Hospital of the Regina Margherita Children's hospital in Turin. For years now we have been organising an evening show at the Teatro Regio di Torino which features famous Italian comics, actors and singers. In 2010 we organised a Charity Auction in cooperation with Sotheby's which was held in the Reggia di Venaria: on offer, "experiences" donated by numerous personalities from showbiz, sport and art.

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