Everyday is a good day to workout

Daniele Magliacane Strategy

Joy is jewel that's not completed yet.

Carola Sessa client service

My passion is never having to say: che due palle!

Emanuele Cason client service

250g of irony 100g of substance 1g magic, shaken up in Europe

Eraldo Mussa management

MAGIC certainly but it sets my mind free!

Nicola Crivelli client service

Even at school everyone said: "Maia you copy!"

Mariarosa Galleano creative team

“Art only begins where imitation ends” (Oscar Wilde)

Sofia Coen client service

What's important is knowing how to read the line. Always.

Valter Aracco client service

Paiinting surrounded by coloured flowers listening to rock music!

Manuela Bregolin client service

Always look ahead.

Emanuela Calderoni consumer insight

...One's company, two's a crowd, and three's a party.


Stumbling into moments of happiness in your heels!

Monica Pirocca creative team

Give space to your imagination.

Roberto Gargano creative team

My passion is my life.

Giovanna Pinna client service

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