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Michela Repellino creative team

I am an open book…

Arianna Cipolloni client service

I like finding new points of view…

Emanuele Cicogna Mozzoni client service

You need ears in life, even if it's not to hear reason.

Barbara Ghiotti creative team


Martina Breda client service

Destiny is a matter of chances and choices

Alberto Maria Vitulano Chief Financial Officer

My passion: iTech

Corrado Pino Information Technology

Joy is jewel that's not completed yet.

Carola Sessa client service

I hate selfies

Michele Mariani creative team

My passion? Create with pen…. and pan!

Chiara Demichelis creative team

The secret of a good mood …. get running from the morning.

Gina Graci client service

My four-legged passion.

Carlo Piacenza client service

A new idea is about to open up!

Carmen Muneretto creative team

An “uncontainable“ passion for the Italian language!

Francesca Palazzo creative team

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