I Pick Up naturalmente. Cowgirl, so' sposato! Una barba...

Roberto Ferrero client service

My four-legged passion.

Carlo Piacenza client service


Antonio Garzena client service

What time do we eat?

Michela Sartorio creative team

My passion: iTech

Corrado Pino Information Technology

Catch the trade winds in my sails. Explore. Dream. Discover - Mark Twain

Loredana Ambrogi client service

So many passions, but just one true one!

Gianni Sernia client service

My passion? Create with pen…. and pan!

Chiara Demichelis creative team

Everyday is a good day to workout

Daniele Magliacane Strategy

I cover myself in colour

Titti Soffiantino creative team

You never forget your first love; but my guitar, sometimes, I do.

Matteo De Donà client service

I like looking at the world from above!

Giovanna Farè client service

Always look ahead.

Emanuela Calderoni consumer insight

An “uncontainable“ passion for the Italian language!

Francesca Palazzo creative team

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