I am an open book…

Arianna Cipolloni client service

You never forget your first love; but my guitar, sometimes, I do.

Matteo De Donà client service

What time do we eat?

Michela Sartorio creative team

What's important is knowing how to read the line. Always.

Valter Aracco client service

I like looking at the world from above!

Giovanna Farè client service


Emanuela Luparia client service

My passion: my passions!

Angelo Lo Cogliano creative team

Craft your dreams just like another Federico did.

Federico Bonenti creative team

I hate selfies

Michele Mariani creative team

My passion: iTech

Corrado Pino Information Technology

Passion has the same point of view as imagination.

Antonella Testa creative team

My passion? Wine.

Dario D'Angelo creative team

My four-legged passion.

Carlo Piacenza client service

Water, wind and sun. Recharing creative energy.

Roberto Gresti creative team