I like finding new points of view…

Emanuele Cicogna Mozzoni client service

My passion? Wine.

Dario D'Angelo creative team

So many passions, but just one true one!

Gianni Sernia client service

My passion is never having to say: che due palle!

Emanuele Cason client service

I hate selfies

Michele Mariani creative team

Dirtying my hands is my passion.

Tina Salvato creative team

My four-legged passion.

Carlo Piacenza client service

I’m an ace in making others laugh.

Tommaso Casarini creative team


Martina Breda client service

I'm crazy about people

Elena Meotto Human Resources Director

Passion is inspiration, freedom, time

Enrica Gloria Serpi client service

Water, wind and sun. Recharing creative energy.

Roberto Gresti creative team

Paiinting surrounded by coloured flowers listening to rock music!

Manuela Bregolin client service

Passion has the same point of view as imagination.

Antonella Testa creative team

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